Tasha Brian, Freedom Kezos, Ted Winder, RaeLynn Cooper, Jessica Alvey, Marcus Lewis, LeEllen McCartney, Rick McCartney, Chris Olsen, Francine Hallows

Shauna Sudbury has resigned from WCBA. Robbers Roos will not be opening this season.

Where will Farmers Market be located? Randy will not be selling vegetables this year at the farmers market. He will be doing goat cheese and bread.  

Possibilities for vegetables?  Bob Poulton, Torrey Greenhouse

LeEllen motioned that we ask Randy if he wants to direct Farmers Market, Tasha will call and ask him if he is interested. All in favor. 

Nicole Durfey stated that we could use the Travel Council Building area for the Farmers Market.

Add Randy as a board member? Do we need a member from Entrada?

Tina Anderson, Capital Reef Classic and Lisa Crane of the Boulder Mountain Marathon would like us to sposor these events. Do we need separate isurance policies for each event? LeEllen stated that we should be very careful not to jeopadize our non profit status.

We need to have a policy about the criteria for sponsoring and hosting events to be covered by WCBA. Possibly require people to be members of WCBA for so many years before we can sponsor events.

We should assist businesses in getting set up to be non profit. Do not use no profit as pass through, do not use non profit sponsor status to sponsor events. Ted Winder motion, Jessica Alvey 2nd, all in favor.

Freedom - Newsletter  Mail? Mail Chimp? Send items to, we can send anything that we think would be good for the newsletter.

Map Progress is coming slow. Tasha and Morgan Chappell have 27 ads and 50 appointments scheduled. This is a big job that needs to be done by April 1st. Wayne Travel is paying for the last page on the map.

LeEllen  wil talk to Michelle Coleman about Chamber of Commerce. Why aren't we associated with the Utah Chamber of Commerce? Tabled until the next meeting.

Next meeting April 14, 2015

General Meeting April 23, 2015 at 11:00 am