Held in Hanksville on 9/22/16. Those in attendance:
            Francine Hallows
            Jessica Alvey
            Marci Milligan
            Dianna Poulton
            JoAnn Davis
            Marcus Lewis

Meeting Minutes:
-       Minutes from the previous month’s board meeting were read and approved.
            Jessica made a motion to approve the previous month’s minutes, JoAnn second the
            motion and was approved.
-       Discussion on Check signing procedure
Penny, as the board treasurer, will approve all invoices/check requests. The Board President (Francine Hallows), The Board Past President (Tasha Brian), or the President Elect (JoAnn Davis) will sign the check. Only one signature will be required. A list of all checks written during the month will be presented at each monthly board meeting. The approval process may be done by email and if                                Penny is unavailable, one of the other check signers may approve the invoice/check request as long as they do not also sign the check (another signer must sign).

-       Annual Conflict of Interest was discussed. Marcus was assigned to bring a draft version for the board members to sign. This will be an annual event from here forward.

-       Non Discrimination agreement was also discussed. No action was identified.

-       Discussion on Website/ Social Media person for the WCBA 
                        - Time involved…listed 10-15 hours per week. Concerns on costs associated
                        - Francine proposed an option of utilizing Marcus Lewis for the Social Media Rep
                        - Discussion on sending other two applicants a notice of thanks for applying
                        - Discussion on word press and the software used for the WCBA website
JoAnn made a motion to approve Marcus as the new Social Media Specialist for the WCBA, Seconded by Jessica and was approved.                

-       Discussion on what Businesses want from the Association 
                        Survey was discussed utilizing survey monkey to poll the membership and see what types of activities/training, etc. they would like from the Association.

Ideas to include on the survey:
1-    Education
2-    Activities
3-    What types of training/education
4-    Branding
5-    Vision / goal of the Association

It was discussed to contact SBDC / for best practices
     Marci will Contact don Albrecht for ideas on the matter.

-    1% Give back program was disccused
-    Dark Skies was discussed
          Question re: whether there were grants available to help towns with Dark Skies initiative
Discussion on having Marci visit with the Membership at the next General Meeting about Dark Skies

-     Update on Farmers Market
                        - Discussion on liability insurance – Marcus to follow-up with Hartford insurance
                        - Must have something for the next 6 weeks to cover w/ liability.
                        - Location discussion – move back to Robbers Roost    
                        - Discussion on individuals that were taking advantage of the Farmer’s Market
                                    (they were not vendors but benefited from being in close proximity)

                          - Currently hosting about 6-21 vendors and about 100 people attend the Farmers
                                    Market…have had a high of 34 vendors.

                          - Dianne presented $72 to be deposited that was collected from the Farmers
                                    Market, which brings the total to about $400 for the year.

                           - Dianne requested that a check to JoAnn Davis be presented at the next Board
                                    meeting for her services at the Farmers Market
                           - Discussion on Restrooms/hand-washing facilities or use of the town’s park
                           - Discussion on the T-shirts used for the Farmer’s Market – still waiting on invoice.

                           - Discussion on cloth bags for next year’s Farmer’s Market or Aprons for the

                            - Give-away basket winners were: Annie Holt from Torrey and Cindy Micheh from
                                    Torrey…about $200 value b/n the two baskets.

-      Discussion on Boulder ½ Marathon/5K
             - Insurance was discussed.
             - Marcus will contact Adie Mitchell once we’ve heard information on insurance for the event

-       Discussion on Location for the next meeting – Francine to contact Brian Brill (Wayne Theatre and    
              get his membership

-       Discussion on Website items that needed to be updated:   
               - Add Oct. Board Meeting and General Meeting (20th and 27th)
               - Update Board Members on the website

-       Discussion on Micro Loan Fund   
               Marci reported that this fund allowed 16 companies to apply for funding – 12 received 
                       The balance will be returned to the USDA the $120 interest earned from the
                                    fund can be kept by the WCBA.  Approximate balance was $37,980 – of
                                    which 37,840 would be required to be returned

                        Marci will provide an address and draft letter to Marcus to disburse funds.
                                    Marcus will send Marci the total actual balance to Marci for the draft

                        We are also required to host a workshop on:
                                     1-    “     “ research
                                     2-    Internet Hub
                                     3-    On-line software available

                        Discussion on inviting a representative of the Micro-Loan to the January Meeting
                                    (and once a year thereafter)
                                    - They provide information on how to apply and support such loans
                                    - Marci will send contact to JoAnn for next year’s meeting
                                    - We will also need to get a new Micro-loan committee and then list on our

                        Discussion on business association app that anyone traveling to the area can utilize

The meeting was adjourned