<![CDATA[W.C.B.A.Wayne County Business Association - Minutes]]>Sun, 18 Feb 2018 13:33:39 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[July 26, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes]]>Tue, 01 Aug 2017 01:05:24 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2017/07/july-26-2017-board-meeting-minutes.htmlMeeting held in Torrey on 7/26/2017 at the Saddlery.

Those in attendance:

  • Francine Hallows
  • Penni Torgerson
  • Diena Riddle
  • Dianna Poulton
  • Adie Mitchell
  • Marcus Lewis
General Business:

-Reviewed the agenda for the general meeting being held directly after the board meeting.

-Discussion about interested and potential new board members. Francine said she would be willing to act as President through the end of this year to help get someone in place. Dianna suggested that we look for two vice presidents. One could take over as president in January and the other could remain vice president. It was decided to announce at the general meeting that we were looking for board members and leadership. We will continue to work on this at our next meeting.

Boulder Half Marathon:

-A decision was made to form a committee to take charge of organizing the marathon. Adie and Marcus will be on the committee. Adie will reach out to some potential committee members. Marcus said Steven Williams has volunteered to help with the race. The race will be held on October 6, 2018. All board members should try to make themselves available to help on race day. Marcus is moving forward with Register my Race. The board hopes the committee is in place and registrations start by October this year.

Farmer’s Market:

-Dianna gave a brief update on the FM. They have had over 30 vendors this year. Over 20 vendors are seasonal. All but a few vendors are from Wayne County. The FM is doing really well this year. The location has been a key factor. Dianna asked for help from the Board with social media outreach and getting the word out for recognition for the FM. Such as making it to lists like “The top 10 Farmer’s Markets in Utah” or being featured in a news story. Rick Holt is continuing to help set up signs each week but has declined the payment that the board offered. Dianna purchased movie passes and a gift certificate to show appreciation. The board approved reimbursing her for the cost. Dianna also plans to recognize the board members and the FM vendors at the general meeting with a small token of appreciation.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for 9:00am on August 14, 2017 at the Broken Spur Conference Room in Torrey.

<![CDATA[June 19, 2017 Board Meeting Minutes]]>Mon, 31 Jul 2017 03:46:52 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2017/07/june-19-2017-board-meeting-minutes.html

Held in Torrey (at the Broken Spur) on 6/19/17. Those in attendance:

  • Francine Hallows
  • Penni Torgerson
  • Diena Riddle
  • Dianna Poulton
  • Adie Mitchell
  • Marcus Lewis

General Business:

-The next quarterly meeting was scheduled for July 12th. The board decided to change the date to Wednesday, July 26th to give us more time to get organized and to ensure that we can hold the meeting at The Saddlery which should be open by then. Francine will make the agenda.

-Discussed the need for a new president and board members. Marcus will email WCBA members to advertise that we are searching for a president, vice president and new members and ask anyone interested to submit a “letter of interest”. The board will meet at 9:30am prior to the quarterly meeting on the 26th to review potential board members so they could be voted on that day. Selection of the President will wait until the following meeting so that board members can more thoughtfully consider the candidates.

-Marcus pointed out that the WCBA did not award a scholarship this year at WHS. We discussed the benefits of doing this and the board approved to do the scholarship next year.

-Discussed a two year cycle for the business guide. Mailers will be sent out to WCBA members about the business guide and it will be discussed at the quarterly meeting.

-A motion was made and seconded to get Joanna removed from the signature card at the bank. Marcus will make a resolution.

Farmers Market:

-Dianna said some vendors did not approve of a Lularoe vendor at the market. The board decided that Lularoe should be welcome. The board supports new products. Second hand items will not be allowed. It is important that the Farmer’s Market not feel like a yard sale or flea market. Most items should come from agricultural products, baked goods, crafts and other local arts & crafts. Resale of purchased products is allowed with prior approval.

-Dianna asked for approval to pay Rick Holt to put up the signs for the Farmer’s Market each week. The board approved $15.00 per week.

-Dianna reported that there have been 33 vendors participating so far this year.

-There was a suggestion that the Farmer’s Market participate in the Apple Day’s Parade. Dianna was going to consider it.

Boulder Half Marathon:

-Everyone agreed that the 1st Saturday in October is still the ideal time for the race.

-Marcus did some research and found a company called Register My Race that would streamline the registration process for racers for a nominal fee. The board approved him to move forward on this.

-Discussed researching to see if there is a sign company to handle the race. Dianna suggested checking with Utah Barricade.

-We will need to pursue advertising money through the Travel Council around February.

-We will need to work on a special event permit with the County and speak with Torrey Town.

The meeting was closed

<![CDATA[December 15, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes]]>Wed, 25 Jan 2017 15:15:18 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2017/01/december-15-2016-board-meeting-minutes.htmlHeld in Torrey (at the Broken Spur) on 12/15/16. Those in attendance:
     Francine Hallows
     Don Gomes
     JoAnn Davis
     Natasha Brian
     Dianna Poulton
     Marcus Lewis

-Meeting Minutes:
-Reviewed the November Minutes
     Discussion on Business Guide (Magazine w/ all businesses)
          - We need a committee

-Richfield Reaper (Lori)

-Need all e-mails of Businesses

-Reviewed General Membership letter

-Follow-up to ensure minutes are being posted to website
  • Marcus said he’d post the week after each meeting from here on out

-Follow-up on Question Dianna had on Conflict of interest and voting for Farmers Market

-Review of Monthly Board Meeting

-Need to update Penni’s email
  • penni_torgerson@nps.gov

-Discussion on General Meeting
  • Do we want business that come to have to be a member to attend?
  • Benefit to having them attend (Tasha’s example of Brian Farm using a product from a presenter that wasn’t a member)
  • Suggestion for difference in lunch price
    • $5 for members $10 for non-members
  • Networking was a big reason businesses come to General Meeting
  • Differentiate in fees for members
    • $25 for members $50 for non-members
  • General Meeting focus is spotlight & Networking
    • Benefit is to recruit
    • Focus on getting to know the new businesses
    • Utah Non-profit Association Example

-Discussion on Farmers Market
  • Dianna updated the board on current situation

-Conflict of interest statement
  • Signed by:
    • Francine
    • Dianna
    • Natasha
    • JoAnn
    • Marcus
    • Don

-Send out thanks for filling-out survey.
  • Marcus will send out with reminder for General Meeting in January

-Francine to contact Rick

-May will be the Board meeting in Hanksville

-Marci Mulligan email discussion
  • Kathy Ricci agreed to allow funds to be released
  • Give back program discussed
    • Utah local first is participating in this program w/ lots of help
    • To be discussed in in January Meeting

-Discussion on Meetings
  • Wednesdays look best 
  • 11:00am to 1:00pm w/ lunch on Wednesdays
  • Discussion on time limit for presenters (5 minutes)
  • Give warnings or have a sign to let the presenter know how much time they have left or if they are out of time.
  • County Commissioners – invited to all meetings but only came to two in 2016
  • Continue to invite
  • What can  we do to encourage more involvement?

      • Need a copy of the ASAP to show commissioners
      • Continue to let them know they have businesses that need them there
      • Why not invite other elected officials like the Sheriff, or other elected officials.
  • JoAnn to touch base w/ Snow (Mr. Church) for training and classes
  • Business Spotlights
    • Many times this was hard to get businesses to do this.

  • Meeting dates set: January 11, April 12, July 12, October 11

-Redrock festival discussion

  • Many businesses are expecting it (not wanting the date changed)
  • Don to talk to Entrada and requesting the to not change the date
Discussion on BIFF – Bicknell International Film Festival

Meeting was adjourned
<![CDATA[November 17, 2016 Board Minutes]]>Tue, 03 Jan 2017 17:34:52 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2017/01/november-17-2016-board-minutes.htmlHeld in Loa on 11/17/16. Those in attendance:
            JoAnn Davis
            Dianna Poulton
            Marcus Lewis

Meeting Minutes:

Dianna Suggested having a business spotlight Magazine
         -       Discussion of ways to get info out to all businesses

JoAnn noted that minutes have not been posted to our website
         -       Marcus said he would post minutes from now on.

Dianna asked about any conflict of interest re: her and the Farmer’s Market
         -       She asked if she should not on vote on items affecting the Farmer’s Market
         -       Tabled to discuss along with Conflict of Interest forms next month.

Discussion on Board Meetings
         -       Suggestion to hold meetings at a business each month
         -       Suggestion to go to Hanksville once a year (in Summer or Spring)
         -       Dianna asked to host a board meeting in the summer
         -       Suggestion that each Board member host at their location or be responsible for selecting 
                 the location and be in-charge of contacting the business the meeting will be held at.

Discussion on when to meet
         -       It was noted that Thursdays seem to be a bad day
         -       Decided to have board meetings on 1st Tuesday of the month in the afternoon at 2:00pm 
                 (except for July – it will be held the 2nd Tuesday of the Month)
         -       Discussion about partnering directors up to host or be in-charge of the meeting

Review of By-Laws
         -       In December we will review or read specific sections
         -       Request to have each board member to read their respective position listed in the by-laws 
                 prior to next board meeting

Next meeting will be held on December 15th at 10am (no location set)
         -       We will set a new schedule for 2017 at the next meeting.

Discussion to have 2 events (business openhouse) in February or May to invite
         -       Several perspective businesses have come to General meetings but never join
         -       The special event will be a “special” luncheon

Discussion on General Meeting:
         -       We need to have applications at each of these meetings
         -       We need to have a roll to review at the following board meeting – to see which businesses 
                  are consistently attending and to see who isn’t

Question was asked re: The Mill (need to know what there name is) – if they are a paid membership – No they are not.
         -       We need to make sure that business spotlights and general meeting locations are with paid 
                 WCBA Members

Question was asked re: Dianna’s email that is being used on mail chimp –           
        -       poultondianna23@gmail.com
        -       Marcus said he would send a test to Dianna that night

Board members were listed out:
   Francine – President
   JoAnn – Vice President
   Penni – Sec/Treasurer
   Natasha – Past President
   LeEllen – Director
   Marcus – Bookkeeper/Web
   Jessica – Director
   Rick – Director
   Dienna P – Director/Farmer’s Market Rep
   Addie M – Director
   Dina R – Director
   Don G – Director
   Marci M – Director

Discussion on how many directors we are allowed as per by-laws...
         -       As per Article VII of the By-laws (Board of Directors), “The Wayne County Business 
                 Association shall be directed by a Board consisting of Elected Officers plus no fewer than 
                 two (2) and no more than ten (10) at-large WCBA members.   Elected officers serve as 
                 Executive Board Members”
         -       We currently have nine non-elected directors.

Discussion on how to team directors together for next year:
-       JoAnn / Marci (Jan/July)
-       Don G / Francine / Rick (Feb/Aug)
-       Dianna P / Natasha (Mar/Sept)
-       Marcus / Dienna R (Apr/Oct)
-       LeEllen / Jessica (May/Nov)…May in Hanksville
-       Penni / Aidie (Jun/Dec)
-       These teams will be in charge of hosting the meeting. The Board President will still conduct and 
         will be in charge of the agenda for the meeting.

Question was asked re: which email to use for Rick – We will follow-up next meeting.

Discussion re: ratifying president for the association, the VP, and the Sec. Treasurer in the
            January Meeting. 

Discussion on the Scenic ByWay 12 Meeting.
          -       They meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month (every other month) at 1:00pm (change locations 
                  along the corridor
          -       Discussion to list on each month’s agenda and invite board members to attend
          -       JoAnn will plan to attend unless another director volunteers

Discussion on Boulder-Half Marathon / Boulder 5K
          -       We will need a special use permit
          -       Marcus will follow-up with the county to see what level of insurance is required
          -       A committee is needed for preparation to begin.
          -       Date of the Half-Marathon was tentatively set for September 16th, 2017.
          -       Originally, the Association was looking at moving this back into August – but there is a 
                  competing marathon going on during the end of August (Fishlake Marathon)
          -       Marcus to contact Adie to see about volunteers
          -       Discussion on having people that are vested in this endeavor.

Discussion on Special use permit for Farmers Market
          -       Need document from county that stipulates amounts
          -       The WCBA may want to list all events so that they are covered under one special use 
                  permit from the county
          -       Dianna expressed concern over the Town of Torrey requesting that the Farmer’s Market be 
                   required to pay a $600 event fee
          -       Dianna has asked to be on the town’s next agenda to discuss
          -       Dianna expressed that there is a conflict of interest by several members of the town board 
                  that have participated in or have supported a competing farmers market
          -       Dianna felt like she was being bullied by the town
          -       Currently the Farmers’s Market has brought in $509 in fees from vendors and has $1,232 in 
                  expenses (this does not include the amount for t-shirts)
          -       Dianna will visit w/ UDOT for permission to be on main street.
          -       Dianna to contact Health Department re: bathrooms
          -       Entrada may co-sponsor the Farmer’s Market
          -       Dianna asked that we link the Farmer’s Market facebook page to the WCBA
          -       Wayne County Site lists Farmer’s Market

It was requested to have the dual use special use permit ($25) for the Farmer’s Market and Half Marathon rather than pay for two.
          -       Discuss this issue next Board meeting

The conflict of interest statement was discussed.
          -       Bring to next board meeting and have all sign

Discussion on website
          -       Need to update homepage to be more user-friendly.
          -       No more scroll down to the bottom
          -       Add more drop down lists or links to click on rather than scrolling thru information to 
                  find what is wanted
          -       Update the directory to be a list of Specific categories and then click into them for detail of 
                  which businesses exist.
          -       Update the spotlight page to be similar to the directory – more of a list of business 
                  spotlights than a scrollable list of information

Marcus will bring a sample of the member dues letter (that is sent out at the first of each year) to the next board meeting

Marcus will bring a draft of the 2017 budget to the December meeting and will meet with JoAnn to decide on budget items for 2017.

Discussion on Redrock ladies festival – it will be discontinued this year (to be discussed in December Meeting)

Discussion on what businesses want from the association

Marcus will send survey questions out to the board to see if there is anything else they would like listed – he will then send out the survey by Monday.

JoAnn will begin organizing the January General meeting

Discussion on having a Business Open House in February and then do another in May.

Marcus will post minutes of WCBA board and general meetings on the website.

Meeting was adjourned.

<![CDATA[9/22/16 Board Meeting Minutes]]>Thu, 22 Sep 2016 19:38:37 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2016/09/92216-board-meeting-minutes.htmlHeld in Hanksville on 9/22/16. Those in attendance:
            Francine Hallows
            Jessica Alvey
            Marci Milligan
            Dianna Poulton
            JoAnn Davis
            Marcus Lewis

Meeting Minutes:
-       Minutes from the previous month’s board meeting were read and approved.
            Jessica made a motion to approve the previous month’s minutes, JoAnn second the
            motion and was approved.
-       Discussion on Check signing procedure
Penny, as the board treasurer, will approve all invoices/check requests. The Board President (Francine Hallows), The Board Past President (Tasha Brian), or the President Elect (JoAnn Davis) will sign the check. Only one signature will be required. A list of all checks written during the month will be presented at each monthly board meeting. The approval process may be done by email and if                                Penny is unavailable, one of the other check signers may approve the invoice/check request as long as they do not also sign the check (another signer must sign).

-       Annual Conflict of Interest was discussed. Marcus was assigned to bring a draft version for the board members to sign. This will be an annual event from here forward.

-       Non Discrimination agreement was also discussed. No action was identified.

-       Discussion on Website/ Social Media person for the WCBA 
                        - Time involved…listed 10-15 hours per week. Concerns on costs associated
                        - Francine proposed an option of utilizing Marcus Lewis for the Social Media Rep
                        - Discussion on sending other two applicants a notice of thanks for applying
                        - Discussion on word press and the software used for the WCBA website
JoAnn made a motion to approve Marcus as the new Social Media Specialist for the WCBA, Seconded by Jessica and was approved.                

-       Discussion on what Businesses want from the Association 
                        Survey was discussed utilizing survey monkey to poll the membership and see what types of activities/training, etc. they would like from the Association.

Ideas to include on the survey:
1-    Education
2-    Activities
3-    What types of training/education
4-    Branding
5-    Vision / goal of the Association

It was discussed to contact SBDC / for best practices
     Marci will Contact don Albrecht for ideas on the matter.

-    1% Give back program was disccused
-    Dark Skies was discussed
          Question re: whether there were grants available to help towns with Dark Skies initiative
Discussion on having Marci visit with the Membership at the next General Meeting about Dark Skies

-     Update on Farmers Market
                        - Discussion on liability insurance – Marcus to follow-up with Hartford insurance
                        - Must have something for the next 6 weeks to cover w/ liability.
                        - Location discussion – move back to Robbers Roost    
                        - Discussion on individuals that were taking advantage of the Farmer’s Market
                                    (they were not vendors but benefited from being in close proximity)

                          - Currently hosting about 6-21 vendors and about 100 people attend the Farmers
                                    Market…have had a high of 34 vendors.

                          - Dianne presented $72 to be deposited that was collected from the Farmers
                                    Market, which brings the total to about $400 for the year.

                           - Dianne requested that a check to JoAnn Davis be presented at the next Board
                                    meeting for her services at the Farmers Market
                           - Discussion on Restrooms/hand-washing facilities or use of the town’s park
                           - Discussion on the T-shirts used for the Farmer’s Market – still waiting on invoice.

                           - Discussion on cloth bags for next year’s Farmer’s Market or Aprons for the

                            - Give-away basket winners were: Annie Holt from Torrey and Cindy Micheh from
                                    Torrey…about $200 value b/n the two baskets.

-      Discussion on Boulder ½ Marathon/5K
             - Insurance was discussed.
             - Marcus will contact Adie Mitchell once we’ve heard information on insurance for the event

-       Discussion on Location for the next meeting – Francine to contact Brian Brill (Wayne Theatre and    
              get his membership

-       Discussion on Website items that needed to be updated:   
               - Add Oct. Board Meeting and General Meeting (20th and 27th)
               - Update Board Members on the website

-       Discussion on Micro Loan Fund   
               Marci reported that this fund allowed 16 companies to apply for funding – 12 received 
                       The balance will be returned to the USDA the $120 interest earned from the
                                    fund can be kept by the WCBA.  Approximate balance was $37,980 – of
                                    which 37,840 would be required to be returned

                        Marci will provide an address and draft letter to Marcus to disburse funds.
                                    Marcus will send Marci the total actual balance to Marci for the draft

                        We are also required to host a workshop on:
                                     1-    “     “ research
                                     2-    Internet Hub
                                     3-    On-line software available

                        Discussion on inviting a representative of the Micro-Loan to the January Meeting
                                    (and once a year thereafter)
                                    - They provide information on how to apply and support such loans
                                    - Marci will send contact to JoAnn for next year’s meeting
                                    - We will also need to get a new Micro-loan committee and then list on our

                        Discussion on business association app that anyone traveling to the area can utilize

The meeting was adjourned

<![CDATA[Board Meeting Minutes]]>Tue, 10 Mar 2015 18:03:26 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2015/03/wcba-board-meeting-march-10-2015.htmlPresent:

Tasha Brian, Freedom Kezos, Ted Winder, RaeLynn Cooper, Jessica Alvey, Marcus Lewis, LeEllen McCartney, Rick McCartney, Chris Olsen, Francine Hallows

Shauna Sudbury has resigned from WCBA. Robbers Roos will not be opening this season.

Where will Farmers Market be located? Randy will not be selling vegetables this year at the farmers market. He will be doing goat cheese and bread.  

Possibilities for vegetables?  Bob Poulton, Torrey Greenhouse

LeEllen motioned that we ask Randy if he wants to direct Farmers Market, Tasha will call and ask him if he is interested. All in favor. 

Nicole Durfey stated that we could use the Travel Council Building area for the Farmers Market.

Add Randy as a board member? Do we need a member from Entrada?

Tina Anderson, Capital Reef Classic and Lisa Crane of the Boulder Mountain Marathon would like us to sposor these events. Do we need separate isurance policies for each event? LeEllen stated that we should be very careful not to jeopadize our non profit status.

We need to have a policy about the criteria for sponsoring and hosting events to be covered by WCBA. Possibly require people to be members of WCBA for so many years before we can sponsor events.

We should assist businesses in getting set up to be non profit. Do not use no profit as pass through, do not use non profit sponsor status to sponsor events. Ted Winder motion, Jessica Alvey 2nd, all in favor.

Freedom - Newsletter  Mail? Mail Chimp? Send items to kezoswebsites@gmail.com, we can send anything that we think would be good for the newsletter.

Map Progress is coming slow. Tasha and Morgan Chappell have 27 ads and 50 appointments scheduled. This is a big job that needs to be done by April 1st. Wayne Travel is paying for the last page on the map.

LeEllen  wil talk to Michelle Coleman about Chamber of Commerce. Why aren't we associated with the Utah Chamber of Commerce? Tabled until the next meeting.

Next meeting April 14, 2015

General Meeting April 23, 2015 at 11:00 am

<![CDATA[General Membership Meeting]]>Fri, 30 Jan 2015 03:57:13 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2015/01/general-membership-meeting.htmlAttendees: Rob Williams, Charlotte Williams, Lee Austin, Diane Torrey, Newell Harward, Michelle Coleman, Amy Jackson, Tasha Brian, Freedom Kezos, Kimber Wood, Rick McCartney, LeEllen McCartney, Jessica Alvey, Keith Church, Claudia Church, Chris Olsen, Scott Christensen, Lynn Giles, Kim Giles, Courtney Moulton, Stephanie Moulton, Lori Roberts, Morgan Chappell, Marcus Lewis

Marcus Lewis: went over financials

Michelle Coleman: talked about micro loan and hope people in our area will apply and use the loan for their projects, both her and Don Coombs have applications for the loan. She covered some of the classes that are offered through Snow College in Richfield and Ephriam, she is trying to get some classes offered over here in Wayne County. Utahopia can help you develop a free web site. Job expo in Richfield February 3, 2015 from 10-2 this expo will help you get your name out there and also help you find employees. Economic survey she gave everyone a survey and asked that we fill it out and leave it on the table when we leave. ASAP survey this is a survey that she emailed out to many in our community and would like as much feedback as possible from our community to help cover our needs and wants in our county.

Tasha Brian: talked about the map project and let everyone know that Morgan Chappell will be contacting us regarding an ad on the map 200.00 first ad and 150.00 for all the ads after that.

Lori Roberts: from the Richfield Reaper talked to us about advertising and upcoming attractions featuring Wayne County.

Newell Harward: talked about the ASAP program and how it will benefit our community if we will take the time to fill it out and return it. The commissioners are trying to get a grant to make road improvements to the Fish Creek Road. They are also working on a prairie dog issue.

Keith Church: talked about the custom fit programs and how beneficial they are to business owners or to anybody that wants to learn and grow. He talked about the funding available when you apply and are taking any of the custom fit training programs or if you are doing any training for your own business you can get some of the fees refunded to you through this program.

Freedom Kezos: is our new tech person. She brought many great ideas and a working web-site and Facebook that looks amazing. She has many more ideas that she is working on to improve the WCBA and its members.  

LeEllen McCartney: is trying to get pro-bono and low-bono lawyers here to help the citizens of Wayne County.

Tasha Brian: told everyone that this is the last time there will be lunch for $5.00 it will be increased to $10.00

Next board meetings are:

February 10, March 10, April 14, May 12, June 9, and July 14

<![CDATA[Board Meeting Minutes]]>Wed, 14 Jan 2015 05:11:18 GMThttp://waynecountyba.org/1/post/2015/01/board-meeting-minutes.htmlBoard member meeting 1-13-2015 at Tosconos 

Attendees: Tasha Brian, Francine Hallows, Ted Winder, Jess Alvey, LeEllen McCartney, Rick McCartney, Shauna Sudeury, Amy Jackson, Marcus Lewis, Raylynn Cooper

Francine Hallows was asked by Tasha Brian to be Vice President, Francine Hallows accepted it was voted on and approved by board members. 

Shauna Sudeury was asked to take over the farmers market, she accepted, it was voted on and approved by the board. She will talk to Lori Anderson and let her know that she is released from being in charge of the farmers market but will ask her Lori to keep helping with it.

Tasha Brian would like to see more social media involving the WCBA it was proposed to hire Freedom Kezos at $15.00 an hour to put together a Facebook page, Instagram, and a web page. This was voted on and approved by board members. Tasha Brian will be the one to go to Freedom with the ideas and messages from the board and approve the pages before they are posted. Freedom will be asked to come to the January general board meeting to introduce herself and show everyone the things she is working on and talk to us about her ideas.

Raylynn Cooper will talk to West & Kami Taylor and let them know that their service will no longer be needed in the social media aspect. We are very grateful for their help and support while they served.Jess Alvey will email the rest of the social media group and tell them the same thing.

Ted Winder talked to us about the map project he would like to print 10,000 more but with different business' and also have the ad's be the size of a business card. We talked about $200.00 per ad and every other ad would be $150.00 per business. WCBA offered a scholarship to someone from Wayne High School to help us get the money from the business' for the ad's. Morgan Chappell was the only applicant, she accepted the project.

Raylynn Cooper talked for just a minute about the micro loan fund  microloanfund.com this has been offered to our county it is for business' they can borow up to $25,000.00 to help them with business costs, it has a 2% higher than prime interest rate, it is a 5 year loan. 

Board meetings will be the second Tuesday of each month.

General board meetings are scheduled for

January 29th @ Sunglow 11:00

April 23rd @ Broken Spur 11:00

July 16th @ Capitol Reef catered by Red Cliff Restaurant 11:00

October 22 @ Bicknell Community Center catered by Bruce Chappell 11:00