Board member meeting 1-13-2015 at Tosconos 

Attendees: Tasha Brian, Francine Hallows, Ted Winder, Jess Alvey, LeEllen McCartney, Rick McCartney, Shauna Sudeury, Amy Jackson, Marcus Lewis, Raylynn Cooper

Francine Hallows was asked by Tasha Brian to be Vice President, Francine Hallows accepted it was voted on and approved by board members. 

Shauna Sudeury was asked to take over the farmers market, she accepted, it was voted on and approved by the board. She will talk to Lori Anderson and let her know that she is released from being in charge of the farmers market but will ask her Lori to keep helping with it.

Tasha Brian would like to see more social media involving the WCBA it was proposed to hire Freedom Kezos at $15.00 an hour to put together a Facebook page, Instagram, and a web page. This was voted on and approved by board members. Tasha Brian will be the one to go to Freedom with the ideas and messages from the board and approve the pages before they are posted. Freedom will be asked to come to the January general board meeting to introduce herself and show everyone the things she is working on and talk to us about her ideas.

Raylynn Cooper will talk to West & Kami Taylor and let them know that their service will no longer be needed in the social media aspect. We are very grateful for their help and support while they served.Jess Alvey will email the rest of the social media group and tell them the same thing.

Ted Winder talked to us about the map project he would like to print 10,000 more but with different business' and also have the ad's be the size of a business card. We talked about $200.00 per ad and every other ad would be $150.00 per business. WCBA offered a scholarship to someone from Wayne High School to help us get the money from the business' for the ad's. Morgan Chappell was the only applicant, she accepted the project.

Raylynn Cooper talked for just a minute about the micro loan fund this has been offered to our county it is for business' they can borow up to $25,000.00 to help them with business costs, it has a 2% higher than prime interest rate, it is a 5 year loan. 

Board meetings will be the second Tuesday of each month.

General board meetings are scheduled for

January 29th @ Sunglow 11:00

April 23rd @ Broken Spur 11:00

July 16th @ Capitol Reef catered by Red Cliff Restaurant 11:00

October 22 @ Bicknell Community Center catered by Bruce Chappell 11:00



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I'm glad that there were certain issues solved in the meeting. It's true that a proper discussion can definitely be a way of bridging different thoughts and perspectives. Everyone actively participated and shared their views. I'm glad they were very open! By the way, thank you for keeping us up to date!

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Hope that discussed issues will be resolved in meeting.

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