Held in Torrey (at the Broken Spur) on 12/15/16. Those in attendance:
     Francine Hallows
     Don Gomes
     JoAnn Davis
     Natasha Brian
     Dianna Poulton
     Marcus Lewis

-Meeting Minutes:
-Reviewed the November Minutes
     Discussion on Business Guide (Magazine w/ all businesses)
          - We need a committee

-Richfield Reaper (Lori)

-Need all e-mails of Businesses

-Reviewed General Membership letter

-Follow-up to ensure minutes are being posted to website
  • Marcus said he’d post the week after each meeting from here on out

-Follow-up on Question Dianna had on Conflict of interest and voting for Farmers Market

-Review of Monthly Board Meeting

-Need to update Penni’s email
  • penni_torgerson@nps.gov

-Discussion on General Meeting
  • Do we want business that come to have to be a member to attend?
  • Benefit to having them attend (Tasha’s example of Brian Farm using a product from a presenter that wasn’t a member)
  • Suggestion for difference in lunch price
    • $5 for members $10 for non-members
  • Networking was a big reason businesses come to General Meeting
  • Differentiate in fees for members
    • $25 for members $50 for non-members
  • General Meeting focus is spotlight & Networking
    • Benefit is to recruit
    • Focus on getting to know the new businesses
    • Utah Non-profit Association Example

-Discussion on Farmers Market
  • Dianna updated the board on current situation

-Conflict of interest statement
  • Signed by:
    • Francine
    • Dianna
    • Natasha
    • JoAnn
    • Marcus
    • Don

-Send out thanks for filling-out survey.
  • Marcus will send out with reminder for General Meeting in January

-Francine to contact Rick

-May will be the Board meeting in Hanksville

-Marci Mulligan email discussion
  • Kathy Ricci agreed to allow funds to be released
  • Give back program discussed
    • Utah local first is participating in this program w/ lots of help
    • To be discussed in in January Meeting

-Discussion on Meetings
  • Wednesdays look best 
  • 11:00am to 1:00pm w/ lunch on Wednesdays
  • Discussion on time limit for presenters (5 minutes)
  • Give warnings or have a sign to let the presenter know how much time they have left or if they are out of time.
  • County Commissioners – invited to all meetings but only came to two in 2016
  • Continue to invite
  • What can  we do to encourage more involvement?

      • Need a copy of the ASAP to show commissioners
      • Continue to let them know they have businesses that need them there
      • Why not invite other elected officials like the Sheriff, or other elected officials.
  • JoAnn to touch base w/ Snow (Mr. Church) for training and classes
  • Business Spotlights
    • Many times this was hard to get businesses to do this.

  • Meeting dates set: January 11, April 12, July 12, October 11

-Redrock festival discussion

  • Many businesses are expecting it (not wanting the date changed)
  • Don to talk to Entrada and requesting the to not change the date
Discussion on BIFF – Bicknell International Film Festival

Meeting was adjourned


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