Meeting held in Torrey on 7/26/2017 at the Saddlery.

Those in attendance:

  • Francine Hallows
  • Penni Torgerson
  • Diena Riddle
  • Dianna Poulton
  • Adie Mitchell
  • Marcus Lewis
General Business:

-Reviewed the agenda for the general meeting being held directly after the board meeting.

-Discussion about interested and potential new board members. Francine said she would be willing to act as President through the end of this year to help get someone in place. Dianna suggested that we look for two vice presidents. One could take over as president in January and the other could remain vice president. It was decided to announce at the general meeting that we were looking for board members and leadership. We will continue to work on this at our next meeting.

Boulder Half Marathon:

-A decision was made to form a committee to take charge of organizing the marathon. Adie and Marcus will be on the committee. Adie will reach out to some potential committee members. Marcus said Steven Williams has volunteered to help with the race. The race will be held on October 6, 2018. All board members should try to make themselves available to help on race day. Marcus is moving forward with Register my Race. The board hopes the committee is in place and registrations start by October this year.

Farmer’s Market:

-Dianna gave a brief update on the FM. They have had over 30 vendors this year. Over 20 vendors are seasonal. All but a few vendors are from Wayne County. The FM is doing really well this year. The location has been a key factor. Dianna asked for help from the Board with social media outreach and getting the word out for recognition for the FM. Such as making it to lists like “The top 10 Farmer’s Markets in Utah” or being featured in a news story. Rick Holt is continuing to help set up signs each week but has declined the payment that the board offered. Dianna purchased movie passes and a gift certificate to show appreciation. The board approved reimbursing her for the cost. Dianna also plans to recognize the board members and the FM vendors at the general meeting with a small token of appreciation.

The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting is scheduled for 9:00am on August 14, 2017 at the Broken Spur Conference Room in Torrey.



08/17/2017 8:44am

First and foremost, thank you for posting this minutes of the meeting you just had last three weeks ago. I can sense that you have discussed a lot of things regarding the organization's new venture. I know that most of the members are still hesitant up to now, but they should also give trust to your leaders because they need it! Well, after reading the post, I can sense that they would end up supporting the latest project!

08/29/2017 1:16am

Seemingly the meeting you conducted progressed smoothly. I cheer for the success of the events you established. I hope that the meeting you conducted resolved all the concerns of your organization and colleagues. We all know that a meeting is a key to the success of an organization. Meetings are important because it's the key to resolve the conflicts and problems that are arising in your group. Meetings also boost the morale of the people within your group.


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